Expecting – Baby Care on the iPhone

It was 3:12 am when my wife woke me up. She was standing, silhouetted in the doorway from the hall light, and my eyes weren’t focusing yet. “Kevin, I think we need to go to the hospital,” she said. “My water is leaking and the contractions are 9 minutes apart. I’ve been timing them.” That’s […]

Aperture 3: Now with Faces and Places

The first time I learned about iPhoto’s Faces and Places feature, I wasn’t exactly excited. Did I really need my photo management app to recognize my friends and family’s faces? Fast forward several months later, and wouldn’t you know? I love it. Especially Faces, which- after a bit of “training”- organizes my photos according to […]

NewEgg Gets an iPhone App

One of the coolest sites out there for buying computer parts online is NewEgg.com. In the past, I’ve ordered lots of things from them, ranging from hard drives to full enclosures, and never once had a problem. The other day, I was surfing around, looking for external storage, and I decided to use the iPhone. […]

iPads and Children

As some of you know, I have a baby on the way. In fact, the wife was due yesterday, but that didn’t happen. What you probably don’t know is that I’m also an intense car guy who is buying a crew cab truck in the next few months, and outfitting it with enough technology to […]

iPods and the Car

Way back in November, I did a post about iPods and Your Car, where I discussed some of the options out there for iPod integration into your car or truck. At that point, I figured I had seen the end of iPod integration into the vehicle. Then today, I saw something on TV which made […]