eWiFi Finds Free WiFi for the iPhone

Want to find free WiFi access from any location when traveling? Want to stop the annoying network requests that bombard the iPhone every other minute when moving around on a local campus or city street? Simply acquire the new version of the “eWiFi” App, one of the App Store’s Top Free downloads! Every ten seconds […]

Like a Librarian With a Big Ruler: Apple Rumored to use DRM With iBookstore

I’ve got mixed feelings about DRM. For the uninitiated, DRM – or digital rights management – is what Apple used to shackle down iTunes songs for years just to make the music publishers happy. DRM stops you from taking that song that you purchased and transferring it to another device that you don’t own. Essentially, […]

Join the Herd: Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac Announced

One of the first things I did when I bought my first mac in 2006 was to get Microsoft Office 2004. It was my futile way of clinging onto my Windows XP past, while stepping into the future. I eventually purchased Office 2008, and sure, it’s pretty, but it’s got more problems. Fact is, if […]

iBook Reading: Steve Jobs Reported to Authorize Biography

The story of Steve Jobs is inspirational, but it’s never been told from his side. Sure, there was that weird movie a few years back, and then the few unauthorized biographies, but now, according to the New York Times, Steve-o is now ready to help out with an authorized biography of his life. From the […]

This is How You Don’t Do It: New York Times Wants To Charge Small Fortune for iPad App – Maybe

There’s this friend of mine – let’s call him Tommy – who has a really thick skull. See, opportunities get presented to him almost daily, yet he turns them down for one reason or another. Recently, a big freelancing gig landed in his lap which would’ve made him some good cash. But he turned it […]

This is How You Do It: Wired Demos Tablet App

Somebody gets it. I’m a huge fan of Wired magazine. It’s smart, informative writing with good topics that make you want to delve more into the article. From international espionage to the latest computer product, Wired puts it all out there. A few months back, Wired‘s parent company, Conde Nast, announced that they were creating […]

Apple On TV: Planet of the Apps

I was cruising the channels yesterday, eating some Cheerios and getting ready for the day, when I came across an interesting title on the DirectV channel guide. Planet of the Apps: A Hand Held Revolution. Well, that should be good for some interesting info, so I gave it a peek. From the site: Apps are […]

Product Review: BackPack for iMac

The first time I read about the twelvesouth BackPack adjustable shelf, I thought it was the stupidest idea I had ever seen. Really, why on Earth would you need a shelf on your iMac? What’s it going to hold, items you want to get dusty? But of course, I’m a fair guy, so I contacted […]