Don’t Miss a Score with the Hockey News App

As the U.S. hockey team is poised to battle with the Olympic powerhouse, in team Canada, there is one App that is a must have: “The Hockey News” application. When an entire game might consist of sixty minutes and just one pivotal goal being scored, does the hockey fan risk missing such an incredulous feat, […]

Let the Siri App Become your Personal Assistant

Find me a taxi ASAP. Then get me reservations to a Malaysian restaurant in Manhattan…and make it close to my current locale at MSG. Done. With the “Siri Assistant” application, that is free for the iPhone 3GS, your wish is the Siri genie’s command. The “Siri Assistant” is exactly what it is advertised as…a remarkable […]

Theories: Steam Coming to Mac?

I’m a pretty big video game guy, but I’m more focused on consoles than the computer. That’s mostly because since I switched to an all-Mac household, I haven’t been able to find any decent games worth spending money on, with the possible exception of The Sims 3. Truthfully though, I’ve never really been into the […]

App Store Adds Explicit Category, Then Takes it Away

[image from MobileCrunch] Earlier today, there were reports across the net that Apple had added an explicit category to the App Store submissions page, and in the Internet tradition of “screenshot or it didn’t happen,” they took a screenshot and, well, it happened. Except now it hasn’t. MobileCrunch has both sides of this drama, and […]