Want a Nexus One? Better Like It.

There is no doubt that the iPhone is expensive to purchase, own and use. I pay $200 a month for the family plan that my wife and I are on, plus there was the expense to begin with. Nevermind the crappy service from AT&T but I digress. The interwebs are abuzz with talk about the […]

Euro’s to Dollars with GlobeConvert App

When the rental Lamborghini’s speedometer is in kilometers, how fast is 130 kilometers/hour really? How do does one convert dollars into rupees on the fly? Well just open up the “GlobeConvert” App and see it all instantaneously! The car soaring along on the German highway, with no speed limit, is only doing 81 mph when […]

Why They Won’t Win

There’s a great article written by Jason Schwarz at The Street which I recently discovered, which talks about why companies like Google, Samsung and Microsoft just aren’t going to beat Apple handedly with any old product. It’s a fascinating read, so I’ll let you all check it out, but here’s a few of my thoughts […]

Don’t Forget Bucky – Flash on the iPhone?

Although I use them every day, I’m not a huge fan of Adobe products. They’re buggy, tend to crash a lot and cost so much it’s ridiculous. Of course, that doesn’t stop the world from using their products, including Flash, on everything they can. The web is particularly heavy with Flash animation, and as such, […]

Push My Finger – Moto Tests Phone Touchscreens

So, there’s this company called Moto Development Group, and they’re really big on touchscreen interfaces. Been doing them for 30 years now, so it figures that they might know something about the field. They decided recently to do a test of the big four smartphones – the Droid, the Droid Eris, Nexus One, and the […]