Free iPhone Wallpaper That Isn’t Lame

Ever since Windows 95, people have been coming up with cool desktop wallpaper for their computers – and by cool, I mean typically pretty retarded. I’ve seen more douchy desktop pics than I care to divulge, and that’s why I’m typically not a fan of sites advertising free wallpaper for anything. Unless it’s my bathroom, […]

That’s Why I Pay $99 A Year – MobileMe Galley App Released

The title, my friends, is sarcasm. When I first bought my iPhone, I bought into MobileMe purely for the syncing. I could give a crap less about galleries and online storage, but if I could have a flawless syncing system, I’d be alright. Flawless … Well … kinda. I’ve had some issues, but they’ve also […]

WANTED Poster For iPhone Pics Made by Framed! App

The instant background framing application for photographs taken on the iPhone is here! With three touches of the screen one can use a photo for a WANTED poster, complete with a customizable REWARD, and then upload it onto FaceBook or Email it! The “Framed! Lite” App is a Must Have for iPhone owners who use […]

Deep Pockets – Valleywag Wants a Tablet Bad

Well now this is interesting. Valleywag has announced that they’re tired of the b.s. rumors, and they just want to see the new Apple Unicorn Tablet. So bad, they’re willing to put their money where their mouth is. From the site: Apple has said absolutely nothing about its tablet, but everyone expects it to be […]

Thieves Steal Almost 50 MacBooks from Oregon School

Howard Elementary School in Eugene, Oregon, has been hit by a string of burglaries in the past year, and this latest time, they took 47 MacBooks from the campus. These computers were used primarily by first and second grade students at the technology-driven school. As it turns out, there are 298 kids in the school, […]