Have Your Mac and Eat it Too

I’ve mentioned before that aside from being an Apple fangirl, I’m a baker- which explains this little collection of photos I want to share with you. These are, without a doubt, the sweetest Macs ever- nine of my favorite Apple “products” in cupcake and cake form: Sweet 16 Macbook What Twilight-loving, Robert Pattinson-obsessed sixteen year […]

It Exists Because They Say So

Flurry Analytics is a company that analyzes info from the web, and uses that data for ad sales and the like. I had never heard of them before today, but then again, I live in a one room shack with minks on my back.From their blog: Using Flurry Analytics, the company identified approximately 50 devices […]

10.7 Showing Up Already

Although it’s not even a year since Snow Leopard was released, and now web servers and other programs are already seeing 10.7 show up. From Mac Rumors: The information comes from an entry posted earlier today in a database of changes to the open source “launchd” framework, which oversees booting of Mac OS X and […]

Want a 27-inch iMac? Hope You Like Waiting

The new 27-inch iMacs have had their fair share of monitor issues, including a yellowing pattern as it stays on longer, and even reports of cracked displays upon shipment. Maybe the 27-inch form factor is just too big for the iMac to use functionally, but either way, Apple has decided to put a 3-week hold […]

Ahmmm Oh Yeah Game Hits iPhone

Compete with players all over the world and see your score posted on the “Ahmmm Oh Yeah” App’s billboard! This is too funny! This game looks remarkably like the graphical masterpieces of the “Grand Theft Auto” series in both the realistic design of cars and cityscapes, and the sounds of engines roaring by. The “Ahmmm […]

Unicorn Tablet to be Verizon AND AT&T?

I couldn’t leave you guys alone for an entire weekend without a unicorn, right? There’s been talk for a long time now about the wireless connectivity of the Unicorn Tablet, and most of the talk has been around Verizon, mainly because most people are pissed with AT&T’s service. But that’s never made sense to me […]