A Day Later – Reviewing the iPad and What It Means

Oh, the iPad. For months, fanboys everywhere have been hoping, pining and sacrificing goats to beg Apple to finally release the Unicorn Tablet. It’s a day later and it’s out, now we just have to wait to get our hands on one. But the backlash I’ve been reading recently is pretty crazy. Here’s a few […]

iPad Versus Kindle – Who Wins?

One of the big hits yesterday was the iBook store, making the iPad a direct competitor to the Kindle. Sure, the Kindle is task specific and the iPad does a lot more, but let’s take a stab at comparing the two. First, the size. The Kindle DX is 10.4″ X 7.2″, compared to the 9.56″ […]

The iPad Guessing Game – Evaluation Time

Last time on the Unicorn, I promise. I’ve already deleted it from my desktop. Time to evaluate how I did on the iPad guessing game. Here’s what I wrote in the first portion: 802.11n Bluetooth Beefed up iPhone OS 4.0 Super Thin SD Slot Solid-state drive, maybe 128gb Sealed enclosure, no access to battery or […]

iPad – The Accessories

Right out the gate, Apple has some accessories for the iPad, making it even more functional. Pictured above is the iPad Keyboard Dock, which not only charges the iPad but integrates it with a full-size (albeit without a number pad) keyboard, for writing those short stories you love working on. This is the only orientation […]

iPad – Initial Thoughts

Well that was crazy. After months of speculation, the Unicorn Tablet has finally appeared and it’s named, the iPad. I’m honestly a bit disappointed in the name, but at least it’s not iSlate or iTab like everyone guessed. It’s designed to fill the void between the iPhone and the MacBook, a place where PC guys […]

iPad – The Specs (Updated as they Come)

No pics yet, but here’s what we know so far: Price: Wi-fi 16gb: $499 Wi-fi 32gb: $599 Wi-fi 64gb: $699 Wi-Fi + 3G 16gb: $629 Wi-Fi + 3G 32gb: $729 Wi-Fi + 3G 64gb: $829 Available in 60 days for Wi-Fi Available in 90 days for Wi-Fi + 3G Measurements: 1/2-inch thick 1.5 lbs 9.7-inch […]

Super iMario Sounds App on the iPhone

Have you ever been witness to a friend finally achieving a victory in a game, and you wanted to give them something better than applause? Have you ever witnessed a loved one make a complete ass of themselves in a silent room, and you wanted to loudly play the “Mario Dies” sound from the first […]

The Unicorn Tablet: My Take

Tomorrow is the big day for Apple, and even though there’s a lot of argument about what’s going to be announced, everyone out there seems to think that it’s the fabled Unicorn Tablet that’s been talked about for months now. Whatever happens on the 27th, it seems that an Apple Tablet may be in the […]