There’s no reason why you shouldn’t have Google Mobile Apps

A few months back, HTC and LG pioneered the Google Mobile Apps into their phones. Including them as a “one stop shop for everything Google” made everything easier. Months later we have a great update to the mobile application and we’re glad that they have it for the iPhone, following the disparity over the Apple […]

3 Tools for App Tracking

We iPhone and iPod Touch users love our apps, and with the announcement that the iPad will run almost 140,000 apps from the App Store, it looks like the latter will just keep on growing in popularity and apps. Here, three of my favorite (free!) ways to keep track of them: AppShopper AppShopper very awesomely […]

VoIP is AOK – Apple Lifts Restriction in SDK

I am not an iPhone developer. I’ve never signed an non-disclosure agreenement before, but I’d love to if it meant I’d see cool new Apple stuff before it hit the street. The people at iCall are iPhone developers though, so when they let this one out the bag, I guess they stopped worrying about that […]

Rock Band on the iPhone

Quick story: I had just met this girl a few weeks prior, and things were just going alright. It was a bit awkward, and she was pretty shy, but I figured I’d put forth some effort and see where it went. Just not too much. I go out on a date with another girl on […]

The Secret Big Bang With the iPad Announcement

So yesterday I was sitting at my computer, doing my daily research, when I came across this article over at Daring Fireball. I mulled it over for a bit, then wandered into the baby room where my wife was doing some painting. I started spewing out my thoughts about the iPad and the hardware that […]

FML Official App Lights Up iPhone FML

“I went on a date with a guy significantly older than myself. I told him I really liked him because I can have an intelligent conversation with him, unlike most guys my age. He told me he just wanted to get into my pants. FML” The “FML Official” App, by Alkeo, is the only application […]