“Truth or Dare” IMPULSIVE REVIEW of Application

When Apple said there was an App for everything, did they mean it? Look at the “Truth or Dare” application, and think on it. The “Truth or Dare” App for the iPhone is exactly what the name suggests, a Truth or Dare game. Download the free version, or splurge $1.99 on an 18+ (ages) version, […]


Two mugs of foaming draughts clink! Frothy cold beer spills down arms in celebration, as “Free Fallin’” careens from speaker to speaker in the lively pub. Cheers are passed on and on. But wait…a toast! The “Toasty!” App for the iPhone is a free program that could not better simplify the spur of the moment […]

Hands on with the new Magic Mouse

I’ve been looking for a new mouse for the past month or so, with no luck. I was hoping to get something wireless, but didn’t want to lose a USB slot for a remote dongle, and the Bluetooth options I had found didn’t suit my needs. I hated the old Mighty Mouse – right click […]

Apple Joins The Twitter Bandwagon To Promote iTunes

Apple is embracing Twitter with open arms to promote new content on iTunes. Apple’s first official Twitter account, @iTunesTrailer was registered last March and now Apple has registered the following Twitter accounts: @iTunesMusic, @iTunesMovies, @iTunesTV and @iTunesPodcasts. You can follow these accounts now on Twitter to get the latest from iTunes. As of now, @iTunesPodcast […]

IMPULSIVE REVIEW of Uproarious “AtomicFart” App

Three…Two…One…Splat! The sound of a flagellant time-bomb rips through the air in a crowded subway. Almost instantaneously, the entire throng of New Yorkers inside the car leaps aside. A space of a foot around is left encircling the clever iPhone’s owner. This is the rendered effect of using the free “AtomicFart” application. This custom farting […]

A Mini Server, huh?

One of the more interesting notes to yesterday’s Apple announcements is the addition of the new Mini Server, a compact little product that sports two 500 gb drives and Snow Leopard Server, a $499 addition by itself. Mac geeks have been using Minis as servers for years – see macminicolo if you don’t believe me […]

Apple Announces New iMacs, MacBooks, Minis, Magic Mouse… Whoop De Doo.

In case you didn’t quite get it, notice the sarcasm when I said, ‘Whoop de doo’. It’s like Apple announcements are always TOO hyped up. Honestly. As much as I am an Apple Fan Girl, I can only muster so much enthusiasm about something that’s not so ‘revolutionary’. For this month’s Apple announcement, they released […]

Apple Still Cares Without Apple Care… For Now.

I’ve been a Mac user for around 2 years now. Still pretty much a newbie though, compared to the veterans who have been Mac users for over 3 decades or so. Only recently have I been able to fully appreciate being a Mac user because of its Apple Care Protection Plan (APP). Some might disagree […]