What If Apple Lost Against Psystar?

I just read about Apple winning the copyright infringement case about Psystar today. If you are not familiar with the Apple vs Psystar case, Psystar is a corporation that believes in open computers. And with this ideal, they sold non-Apple machines with OS X operating systems for a more affordable price. They are the first […]

IMPULSIVE REVIEW of “Seafood Watch” Application

“I’ll have the…no that fish is poisonous…wait that one is endangered,” said the knowledgeable seafood customer. The waiter was most impressed with the respectful way in which the seafood connoisseur conducted business, and the result was that the customer enjoyed the succulent Caribbean spiny lobster, that had been flown in from Florida. If seafood is […]

‘Significant’ Apple Stores Soon To Open All Over The World

While other retailers call them flagship stores, Apple has announced that they are targetting to open around 40-50 ‘significant Apple stores’ all over the world by the end of 2010. Just this year, they have opened around 26 stores, including three (3) brand new ones in Paris, New York and Australia. The largest Apple store […]

idox Traveller Series iPhone Dock

The office here at Apple Gazette gets a whole ton of cool stuff, and every so often, we get something dropped off by the UPS guy that we get to show off to you guys and gals, our readers. This is one such product. It’s named the idox, and on first glance, it looks a […]

10 Things To Do After You’ve Made the Switch From PC to Apple

So you’ve made the switch. You decided to junk your old PC laptop for a brand spanking new Apple laptop. As you stare lovingly at the newly delivered box (or maybe you bought it yourself at an Apple Store) in your house, you wonder, “What now?” Here are a few things a new Mac User […]

Troll Touch Brings Touch Screen To iMacs and MacBooks

No need to wait for the mythical Apple Tablet. You can enjoy touchsreen and multi-touch goodness  on your iMac or MacBook with the help of Troll Touch. Troll Touch, a Valencia, California based company that is known for selling resistive touch screens is offering their services to install touch screen displays on select Apple products […]

IMPULSIVE REVIEW of “TowerMadness Zero” for iPhone Defense

Fire! Defend! Plant numerous war towers to expel alien invaders trying to abduct your flock of sheep for their twisted experiments. Sound like an alien-shooting-good-time…well it is! “TowerMadness Zero” is a complete version that is free for the iPhone. Immerse the iPhone in a 3-D overhead view of a farm bordered by woods and two […]

Daylite Touch

I pondered for a bit a month or so ago about the high cost of software, and about whether or not I should break down and purchase some of the pricier items. Well, it’s been a bit now, and I broke down and bought Daylite for the Mac and Daylite Touch for the iPhone. After […]

Monopoly is Ruining my Life

It’s official, Monopoly is ruining my life. I bought the game about a week ago, mostly on the recommendation on a buddy of mine. He loved the game, and told me that it was one of the best time wasters he had purchased in the past year. I’m always down for a mindless game or […]

IMPULSIVE REVIEW of “City Time Lite” App

Well it was another typical romance: girl sees guy’s writing over internet; girl falls madly in love with his words; girl tracks guy down on Facebook to start an engaging electronic penpal/email relationship…only problem was that she was in London…he was in New York! Welcome to the “City Time” App. The free application for the […]