Moo an IMPULSIVE REVIEW of “Cows in Space” App

“In a failed galactic operation, the cows of earth have ended up floating around in space!” The “Cows in Space” App is free for a limited time! Somehow the U.S. government has accidentally fired and lost all of the earth’s cows; the source of tasty burgers and filet mignon steaks are all encapsulated in oxygen […]

The “50 cent ‘Baby By Me’ sound lab” App Needs to Return to the Lab

The current number nine in the “Top Downloaded” free applications list from the App Store is “50 cent ‘Baby By Me’ sound lab,” and it is the worst thing Apple has ever approved! Though it may appear harmless, or possibly even potentially entertaining to fans of the rap star, 50 cent, there can be no […]

Apple and Your Car

When the iPod was first introduced, it was just another MP3 player in a field of other models. But through iTunes and creative marketing, the iPod took off and the world was changed as we know it. Ever since it became popular, people have been trying to figure out a way to hook their iPod […]


There are a few apps out there that many people consider to be standards for Macs. Quicksilver, Secrets and Growl come to mind, but up until recently, one of them that I was resisting was TextExpander, and mostly because it wasn’t free. But I was working on an article today, and realized that I had […]

Apple Announces Black Friday Sale

Apple has just announced that they will be having their annual Black Friday sale on November 27, 2009. Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving is probably the busiest shopping day of the year. Several Apple retail stores and the online Apple store will be participating in the said event. Hopefully, the discounts this year will […]

IMPULSIVE REVIEW of Star Wars “Lightsaber” App

“No Luke…I am your father,” said Darth Vader to the distraught and hysterical Luke Skywalker. How did they get to this point? Well with a bloody good, kick-ass Lightsaber battle, of course! Free from the Apple Store is the Star Wars “Lightsaber” application. Boot up the epic program and pick from Darth Vader, the evil […]

The Power of Voice Control

I was in line for an iPhone 3GS on release day, just as excited about my new purchase as I was about getting Darth Vader on Christmas, 1982. But of all the new features that intrigued me – faster speed, voice memos for interviews and even just getting a black model instead of my white […]

Working with Dropbox

I have a few different Macs in my house/office, and I like to be able to sync documents across the two machines. For example, I have a spreadsheet I use frequently, and it’s nice to have access to it whichever computer I happen to be using. It’s also nice because anyone can get 2 gb […]