Dropzone – A Transporter for Your Mac

I used to watch Star Trek when I was a kid, and one of my favorite things was seeing people transport from one place to another, all with the click of a button. I never figured I’d be able to teleport, but now, it seems like I’ll be able to do just that. Well, maybe […]

TuneUp compensates for what iTunes severely lacks

UPDATE: TuneUp is offering a 15% discount for AppleGazette readers on their software by simply adding the “GAZETTE” promo code in checkout. This is not a sponsored post. This is my iTunes library with TuneUp installed. In retrospect, it’s something Apple should have taken into account if iTunes were re-invented today. I’ve always held the […]

“WHAC-A-MOLE: Whacky Xmas” App Review

As the snow drifts reach five feet standing, the carolers remain horribly out of tune and the line at the post office wraps around the building as if it were a bright green gift box, there are still things about the holiday season meant to cheer people up: “WHAC-A-MOLE!” In the St. Nick of time, […]

Find Anything with “bing” the App? An IMPULSIVE Review

Just say, “New York City,” and a “Google Maps” look-a-like map with directions will show up on the iPhone screen. The “bing” App is a free organized information provider, from Microsoft, with a fun voice feature. For the Long Island bagel connoisseurs out there simply say, “bagels.” All of the local bagel shops, that are […]

Airlock – Security Via Bluetooth

If you’ve got a laptop – or just a nosy roommate who always wants on your computer – you’re always dealing with security issues. Leaving your computer alone for just a few minutes means that you’re risking having someone else hop on for one reason or another. This was a constant issue at my old […]

Everybody Hates Everybody

There is lots and lots of talk about this piece in the New York Times yesterday, and it came up as the topic of conversation between myself and my father. A brief word about dad: He’s a Microsoft-certified programmer who owns his own company and has used Windows products since day 1. That said, he […]

Ommwriter: Bringing back the creative writing environment

Ommwriter is the zen garden of word processing. All word processors of today have the “science” of writing pretty much covered – formatting, spell checking, grammar, it’s all there. Ommwriter focuses all its efforts on the “art” of writing, by providing a deep trance like environment to allow you to concentrate on your work. The […]