Defending the Mac

A few years back, an ex-girlfriend of mine asked me for help buying a new computer. She wanted to check e-mail, surf the web, and have a place to put her hundreds of pictures. At the time, I was a PC user, but was heavily considering moving to a Mac for my photography business, and […]

Square: Accept Credit Cards Using Your iPhone

I’d heard a rumor about this product coming out, and finally it’s here: The Square. It’s a dongle that plugs into the headphone jack of your iPhone, that reads the magnetic strip on the back of a credit card and allows you to process payments immediately, then send out a receipt right away. And according […]

H20 Audio’s iDive 300: Ultimate iPod Underwater Casing

It’s generally not advisable to use these when underwater, but the sheer geek thrill of being able to listen to music while you’re swimming is orgasmic. It can be done, for a price, and that’s adding a huge bulk to your dive equipment. I’m referring to the complete H20 Audio iDive 300 — a huge […]

Magic Mouse: An Updated Review

A few weeks back, I wrote about trying out the new Magic Mouse at the local Apple Store, and how I would’ve bought one on the spot had they been available. Well this past Black Friday, we wandered into the Apple Store to save $5 on the peripheral, and were in and out in 5 […]

Back Flip Case: Brainless Gift for the Holidays

Ever tried making your iPhone or iPod touch stand by itself? It’s almost like trying to pick up a wet watermelon off the floor. Nearly impossible. Kudos to Apple for their “ergonomic design.” In the recent past, most portable gadgets have had furniture-like features built into them. The latest would be stock gadget stands that […]