Adult swim presents the “Amateur Surgeon Christmas Edition” App

A mid-air collision results in a reindeer being sucked into Dr. Alan Probe’s private jet’s engine, causing a bloody mess at the North Pole! The surgeon’s services are needed to scalpel his way to Santa, or else there will be no Christmas! The ingenious makers at the adult swim games division have come up with […]

Adobe Mobile brings photo editing we needed yesterday

If you’re looking forward to tracing and working with layers on your mobile photos, well you might be disappointed. In that sense, Photoshop Mobile isn’t what it is implied to be from the very mention of the brand. You see, once you stick in the word “Photoshop” there are several implications to what you can […]

IMDB on the iPhone

I’m a bit of a know-it-all – something my wife loves oh so much – and when I see someone on TV who I recognize from somewhere but can’t figure out where, I’ll bust out the iPhone, pull up, and figure it out. Problem is though, surfing that site on the iPhone isn’t easy, […]

TextExpander – The Follow Up

A few weeks back, I put up a preliminary post about TextExpander, the popular program for the Mac that many people have been telling me for years that I need to get. My verdict was that I enjoyed the program, and that I thought it was a cool tool for the mac, but I didn’t […]

MeowWalker Promo Codes: Michael Jackson returns to life as a kitty

Hey guys look. It’s a cat and Michael Jackson crossed together. Either it’s a really bad joke, or for USD $0.99 cents you can have a thrilling new sensation on your iPhone / iPod touch. Seriously guys, it’s fun. MeowWalker makes use of the accelerometer of your iPod to moonwalk “Mewskers” the cat to the […]

Let’s Play A Game: Movie and TV Show Mac Spotting

My fiance and I watched the movie The Proposal yesterday and I can’t help but notice that in the first 10 minutes of the movie, I’ve spotted around four (4) Macs. When Sandra Bullock enters her office building, you can already spot a couple of iMacs in the background. When she enters her room, there’s […]

Avoid the Car Crash Play With the “Traffic Rush” App

The trick is that the busy traffic moves at different speeds, and quite like New York drivers, the vehicle drivers in the game are completely inconsiderate toward one another, and will not slow down even if it means running someone off of the road.

“KickMap” App Makes the New York City Subway Trains Catchable

Let’s hypothetically say that the subway is a dank underground dungeon housing miles of impregnable track that one must follow amidst confusing labyrinths, which lie beneath the concrete castles of New York City, in order to get anywhere. Well that’s New York, and its useful, necessary and intricate underground train system, the subway, is a […]

Audiobook Recommendation: A Christmas Carol read by Tim Curry

Author: Charles Dickens Read by: Tim Curry Running Time: 3 hours 33 minutes If you’ve got a little space on your iPod to spare, you should definitely check out Tim Curry’s reading of A Christmas Carol. In 1997, Tim Curry starred as the voice of Ebenezer Scrooge in Charles Dickens’ timeless holiday story, A Christmas […]