Monopoly is Ruining my Life

It’s official, Monopoly is ruining my life. I bought the game about a week ago, mostly on the recommendation on a buddy of mine. He loved the game, and told me that it was one of the best time wasters he had purchased in the past year. I’m always down for a mindless game or […]

IMPULSIVE REVIEW of “City Time Lite” App

Well it was another typical romance: girl sees guy’s writing over internet; girl falls madly in love with his words; girl tracks guy down on Facebook to start an engaging electronic penpal/email relationship…only problem was that she was in London…he was in New York! Welcome to the “City Time” App. The free application for the […]

6 Top Mac Apps For FREE From MacHeist

MacHeist has released the nanoBundle, which consist of 6 popular Mac apps namely: ShoveBox, WriteRoom, Twitterrific, TinyGrab, Hordes of Orcs and Mariner Writer. If you purchase all the apps, they would cost around $154, but MacHeist is giving away ALL the apps for FREE. The apps will only be free for another 2 days so […]

IMPULSIVE REVIEW of “Perfect Balance: Lost Trials” App

Physics geeks this one’s for you! The “Perfect Balance: Lost Trials” Game application for the iPhone involves puzzling situations where shapes must be placed on geometric objects so that they do not fall off of the screen. An engineered gravity is in place, and triangles, circles, squares, and other strange non-symmetrical shapes are picked up […]

Sonos “ZonePlayer S5” IMPULSIVE REVIEW

The revolutionary sound system has arrived! It has a name, it has a subwoofer, it has tweeters, it has wireless-integrated technology, it has superior sound, it has pure qualitative quality: it is the Sonos “ZonePlayer S5” music system. In an age that has adopted digital music, the Sonos “ZonePlayer S5” cannot be overlooked, or go […]

Go crazy on these freebies: iDrop Dead Flower Edition and Perfect Balance Codes

OK guys, go crazy on these. First come basis. These are 5 codes each for Perfect Balance: Harmony and iDrop Dead: Flower Edition, which we reviewed a couple of days ago. Five codes for Perfect Balance: Harmony: 63T7NW49J9EF K4PPKAM6W7XT P4NA3XYTXM9F KE7M6AJNFMT9 XT4W44M6RM4X Five codes for iDrop Dead Flower Edition: KKJJKH93LHA3 RR9PKNP6YW94 MTHXRN3R7YWK EF6K9HY4XNLN EP6PRRT94LWM