Handbrake: Your New Best Friend

I love Handbrake. Why? It’s a free DVD ripper for the Mac, that’s why. But more specifically, it can help turn your Mac into a media powerhouse. For years, I’ve wanted to digitize my movie collection the same way my music was in iTunes. I remember spending hours burning my CDs to the hard drive, […]

“WordWeb” For the English Major with an iPhone!

As an IMPULSIVE REVIEW looks closely at a dictionary and thesaurus application called “WordWeb,” one can rejoice! A free App is available on the iPhone for the English major, professor, writer, or enthusiast who is on the move, and who is measuring life with coffee spoons, to paraphrase a line of T.S. Eliot’s “The Love […]

IMPULSIVE REVIEW of the Game “Boxed In”

Must…get…out…of…the…ROOM! For an addictive addition to the iPhone look no further than the “Boxed In” App. This application is free on the iPhone, is one of the simplest 2-D games available, and it is one of the most fun. Based around the ancient computer game Sokoban, which was allegedly written in Sanskrit, this newer puzzle […]

BlackBerry Desktop Software for Mac Is Out!

I’m a little late on the news but for those who aren’t aware, Research In Motion (RIM) has recently developed and released a BlackBerry Desktop made specifically for Mac Users last Friday, October 2. It’s about time. iSync is good, but there’s only so much you can do with a sync manager that isn’t specially […]

IMPULSIVE REVIEW of “Guitar Tuner” iPhone App

Nothing can be more horrid than an instrument that is out of tune. Pain ensues! With the “Guitar Tuner” App one can avoid disastrous embarrassment. “Guitar Tuner” for the iPhone is the best of the free applications available. Although it limits one to tuning a guitar, and it only provides standard and drop D tunings, […]

IMPULSIVE REVIEW of “Battery Magic” iPhone Application

Quick, where is a witch doctor? Help! My iPhone is dead! The deceased corpse will weigh down a fiber pocket until a USB charger is found, or until a blowfish potion designed to raise the undead can be concocted. Avoid the dead iPhone scenario: download the free “Battery Magic” App. Once an Apple user relies […]


Sensationally sexy, Ms. PAC-MAN! The application “Ms. PAC-MAN” is one of those rare addictive and insatiable games that are offered on the iPhone, and worth paying for. For $2.99, the full version App is available, and highly recommended. Although there is a “Lite” version of “Ms. PAC-MAN” available to download on the iPhone for free, […]