IMPULSIVE REVIEW of “Trapster” Application

“There is a police checkpoint up ahead, baby!” shouts the voice of Austin Powers. The free App “Trapster” turns any iPhone into a GPS police locater. Keep an eye on speed traps, red light camera’s, speed camera’s and police checkpoints, before they get more than an eye on you! The must have application is available […]

My Thoughts: Apple’s Conflicting Stand On Piracy

I find it really ironic that Apple is doing everything in their power to make the iPhone un-jailbreakable. Just recently, Apple has updated the bootrom (iBoot-359.3.2) on the iPhone 3Gs units that shipped in the past week. While this won’t fully stop the jailbreaking community from creating a new jailbreak update, it will however make […]

Justifying the High Cost for Software

As you may have guessed from some of my other posts, I run my own business. I’m a writer/photographer based in the Phoenix area, and a few years ago, I made the conscious decision to switch over to a fully Mac system. It was difficult at first, but one of the things that helped me […]

The Case for Dual Monitors

A few months ago, my boss at the time walked up to my desk and said, “Kevin, how would you like to have a second monitor? Wouldn’t it be easier to work with more space?” A few days later, I was rocking a 17-inch iMac with a 24-inch flatscreen, and I never wanted to go […]

Why Mac Users Should REALLY Invest In Apple Care…

Here’s a simple equation why Mac Users should REALLY invest in the Apple Care Protection Plan. I sent my MacBook Pro (late 2007 model) to an Apple Service Provider for ALL those said repairs and I did not pay a single cent. Nada. The only inconvenience I felt was the 3-weeks laptop-less period that made […]

The Sonos “ZonePlayer S5” Lays Claim to Revolutionizing Home Audio

Sonos has just announced the upcoming release of the Sonos “ZonePlayer S5,” an all-in-one wireless music system that functions with the iPhone via a free “Sonos Controller” App. Could this revolutionize the way we listen to music? The “S5,” due out in late October, transcends the idea of the traditional iPod (or iPhone) “dock” as […]

How Mail NEEDS to be Improved

Apple’s Mail program has been the same essentially for years. And even with the Exchange support added with Snow Leopard, the company’s main e-mail program really is lacking in features. Power e-mailers have turned to other options and as a result, the program sits in the dock, lonely and unused. So how does Apple fix […]

Sony Offers Extended Service Plans. Should Apple Be Scared?

I stumbled upon the Sony Styles website just the other day when I saw the news about their release of the Sony Vaio X. The first glimpse of the Sony Vaio X made me think of Apple’s MacBook Air. Similarly sleek and thin design and an awfully similar keyboard design! In fact, there’s an image […]


“Today, I was in the supermarket and I see this little boy…ask if his mom knows where he is. The boy turns around and turns out he was actually a very angry midget. FML.” This was the posting that greeted the user of the “FML” App upon opening it. The “FML” application is free for […]

Go Update Your iPhone OS To OS 3.1.2 Now!

Fresh from the Apple factory, the iPhone OS 3.1.2 software update is out! This update will address several annoying issues that OS 3.1 brought upon iPhone users. Issues like not waking up from sleep (annoying), network service disruption (more annoying), and crashing during video streaming (slightly annoying). Not much of a biggie update, but an […]