Crabble – an iPhone/iPod touch stand for your Wallet

You know I love watching video on my iPhone, but I have often wished I could take a stand with me that wasn’t a complete pain to carry around. So, you can imagine, I was please to see this new stand, Crabble, from Seskimo. The stand fits in your wallet, but can hold an iPhone […]

Apple Corrects their Form 10-Q

Apple isn’t typically one to admit a mistake, but when it comes to their Form 10-Q, they don’t really have a choice. Apple issued a press release this morning stating that they have filed an amendment to correct the Form 10-Q they submitted to the Securities and Exchange Commission on Thursday. The filing last week […]

Apple Tops 1 Billion iPhone App Downloads

It’s amazing that there have been 1 Billion iPhone App Downloads since the store launched last year. I’m proud that iVerse has contributed a million downloads to that 1 Billion total, and at the rate things seem to be growing with the App Store, I cannot wait see where they go from here. It’s a […]

VIDEO: Apple airs “Laptop Hunter” Counter Ads

Apple has been quick to respond to the “Laptop Hunter” ads by Microsoft. The new series of ads (4 in all) mostly take shots at PCs. From their many viruses in “Biohazard Suit”, to how the only way to say that a PC works right is to include a full screen of legal jargon in […]

Doodle Jump – The Most Addictive iPhone Game Yet

iPhone developer Lima Sky has created a certifiable addiction with their game “Doodle Jump”. This simple to learn, extremely hard to master, game looks like doodles drawn on grid paper. Your little alien looking doodle jumps every time it touches one of the green or blue platforms in the game. Your goal is to jump […]

Apple Announces “Countdown to 1 Billion Apps” Contest

Apple is dangerously close to hitting 1 billion App Store downloads in less than a year. That’s absolutely astounding when you think about it. The App Store has truly changed the digital landscape, and other services have yet to catch up, even if the App Store isn’t without its flaws. To celebrate the achievement, Apple […]

More Signs Point to June iPhone Update

We’re all pretty much in agreement that a new iPhone is coming in June. Still, it’s nice to get more solid evidence to indicate that that line of thinking is the truth. Now, according to the Commercial Times, we do have even more proof through their report that components from Taiwan-based suppliers have begun shipments […]

VIDEO: Apple posts 3 new App-centric iPhone Ads

Apple has released three new App-based iPhone commercials, this time showcasing the iPhone related needs of students, small businesses, and, of course, bird watchers. The apps are called “Itchy” (embedded above), “Office”, and “Student”. You can see all three of them on Apple’s official site right here. I like the App approach that Apple has […]