Podcaster released for iPhone as “RSS Player”

Everyone remember the big stink about “Podcaster” not being allowed in the iTunes App Store? Yeah…me too. Anyway, apparently Apple had a problem with the name “Podcaster” as well as the fact that it was “duplicating functionality” that Apple wanted to put into iTunes, because it is finally in the App Store under the name […]

Google Ads “Mobile Task” Web App for iPhone/Android

While most of us have abandoned the “Web Apps” of early iPhone development days, Google has just kicked a new one out for those of you who have been using their Google Labs “Tasks” App. The iPhone/Android optimized Web App is available at http://gmail.com/tasks (on a mobile device, of course) and will give you an […]

Apple issues update for Keynote, Pages, and Numbers

Apple has issued an update to iWork including Numbers, Keynote, and Pages. Keynote 4.0.4 deals with compatibility issues with Microsoft Power Point, and other general compatibility issues. Pages 3.0.3 and Numbers 1.0.3 also fix the incredibly general “general compatibility issues”. Each download clocks in at roughly 30 Mbs and can be obtained now.

What the iPhone Needs Less of are Public Domain Books

I’m a developer. I deal with the Books section of the App Store more than any other part of iTunes mobile downloading juggernaut because of the comics that I have in the store. One thing that is really depressing about the Books section of the App Store is the insane number of public domain books […]

Who’s ready for iPhone OS 3.0? THIS GUY!

I’ve hit the 9th page. I keep deleting things I don’t really HAVE to have on my iPhone, but I keep hitting the 9th page again and again. I love downloading new Apps from the App Store, and trying out new things. Sure, I don’t have 9 pages of stuff that I HAVE to use […]

iMac, Mac Pro Refresh Likely Soon

Apple is reportedly deliberately reducing current iMac shipments which, if true, could be an indication that new iMac updates are a few weeks away. Both the iMac and Mac Pro lines are in need of a refresh, and desktop sales for Macs are beginning to sag slightly, so updated internals on both lines would not […]

iPhone Owners Dominate Digital Download Stats

Developers complain about App Store problems, and people find things to nit-pick about the iPhone pretty constantly, but one thing you can’t deny is that the device has changed, and is still changing, all the mobile industry. A new report from Information Week states that iPhone game downloads accounted for 14% of the entire download […]

Apple and Adobe working on Flash for iPhone

Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen suggested recently that the company is working with Apple to develop a version of Flash that will run on the iPhone. We’ve heard this before, but a recent interview with Bloomberg has brought the situation back into the spotlight. Will we ever actually see Flash on the iPhone? At this point, […]