Steve Jobs Still On Track to Return in June

According to Apple board member Arthur Levinson Steve Jobs is still on track to rejoin the company as CEO in June. At a stockholders meeting on Weds (the first that Steve Jobs has not attended in the last 10 years) shareholders expressed their concerns about Jobs returning to his duties full time. The Apple board […]

Apple launches “iTunes Pass” with Depeche Mode

Hey all of you hardcore “Depeche Mode” fans! huh? Ok, no “DM” jokes. Apple has launched a new program called “iTunes Pass” which will allow customers to pre-pay for a special editions of albums from bands. Woo hoo. For $19 Depeche Mode fans can be the first to take the plunge. For you money you’ll […]

Safari 4.0 Beta – A First Look

This morning Apple released a Safari 4 Beta. They have dubbed the release “The World’s Fastest and Most Innovative Browser”. It certainly is speedy, and there are some interesting new features – but not all of them are unique to Safari as the PR might have you believe. (que fanboy ranting…now!) Some of the innovations […]

Will We Ever See a New Mac Mini?

This weekend there have been images and video of a new Mac Mini online (neither of which I can post from my iPhone…which I am blogging from at the moment). From what little I’ve seen from it, this looks fake to me. The design is too close to the original Mini’s to be real. Apple […]

Blogging from the iPhone

The family and I moved into a new house this weekend. We managed to get a great deal on a new place just a few houses down from our previous place, and we’ve been able to make the leap from renting to buying. It’s been a busy weekend, and in the mess of it all, […]

Adobe Issues Critical Security Alert for Reader and Acrobat

Adobe has identified a critical security vulnerability in the recent versions of both Acrobat and Reader. It is a buffer overflow issue in versions 7,8, and 9 of Acrobat, Acrobat Pro, and Acrobat Pro Extended. Versions 7,8, 9, and even the FREE version of Adobe Reader can cause crashing, and can also be exploited to […]

Pinch Media posts iPhone Analytics Slideshow

iPhone AppStore Secrets – Pinch Media View more presentations from pinchmedia. (tags: pinch media) Sure – you might think all you have to do to have a hit iPhone app is make some kind of fart noise or boob jiggling application, but there is (at least sometimes) more to it than that. A little market […]

Hulu Asks Boxee to Remove Their Content

You know it seemed like the big companies were starting to get it. Hulu has been a great step in the right direction, but yesterday the content providers that keep Hulu up and running made yet another bone head decision that continues to prove that they just don’t understand how the world is changing. They […]

iPhone Addiction – Putting Down the Device

I noticed a recent trend that I found slightly troublesome. The other night I looked up at dinner (we were eating out) and I was buried in my iPhone while we waited for our order. My daughter was buried in a coloring page, and my wife was buried in her iPhone as well. As soon […]