Apple releases some 3rd Party iPhone Browser Apps

Apple’s confusing App Store policies never cease to amaze. Now they’ve decided to allow some new web browsing apps into the App Store. Of course, it’s not a mobile version of Firefox or Opera that many of us would like to see. Instead, it’s four different browser apps that have various usefulness. 1) Edge Browser […]

Apple launches iLife ’09 Up-To-Date Program

If you purchased a Mac after January 6, 2009 that doesn’t include iLife ’09 Apple has a new “up-to-date” program for you. You can get iLife ’09 for only $9.95 plus tax. All you have to do is complete the order form and provide a photocopy of a dated, itemized sales receipt or packing slip […]

Let the iPhone Nano Rumors die…it’s not happening

The iPhone Nano rumor is trying to make a comeback after it’s lack of existence at Macworld disappointed next to no one. Now the updated nonsense is claiming that Apple will release the iPhone Nano in China. All of this, of course, is coming to us from an analyst named Brian Marshal from AmTech – […]

Apple schedules Q1 2009 Financial Results Call

Apple has scheduled its first quarter financial results call for January 21st 2009 at 2:00 PM Pacific. This is going to be a particularly interesting call, because it will be the first one that shows exactly who Apple is going to be affected by the recession that many are facing right now. Holiday sales in […]

The $2,517,345 iPhone

We’ve seen some expensive “luxury” Apple products in the past – but today’s takes the crown as the most expensive, and most ridiculous Apple mod ever. Our friends over at BuyMeAniPhone uncovered this little “gem”. It’s from Austrian jeweler Peter Aloisson, who dubbed it the “iPhone 3G Kings Button”. The device is made of solid […]