Steve Jobs nominated for Disney’s 2009 Board

Steve Jobs has been renominated to serve on Disney’s board of directors according to the company’s 2009 proxy filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Jobs is the largest individual share holder in Disney with 7.4% of stock. He acquired that, of course, through the Disney/Pixar merger. There is a good chance Jobs will be […]

The iPhone “Get Rich Quick” Stories continue…

Ars Technica has posted a story this morning about the application “iShoot” which, after the release of a “lite” version, has been sitting at the top of the iPhone App heap for a few days now. Apparently the developer of the App has earned over $100,000 at this point, and has quit his day job […]

VIDEO: One of my favorite Steve Jobs lines ever.

There’s a lot of ongoing talk and speculation about Steve Jobs current health, which is to be expected after the announcement from earlier this week. I’m not interested in writing about that. We all know the situation and anything beyond what we’ve heard from Jobs himself is speculation at this point. I decided, instead, to […]

Smule continues Ocarina “Blows” Contest

The team behind the insanely cool Ocarina had a little contest recently called “This Contest Blows” that challenged people to create songs using the Ocarina App and video themselves performing. 10 winners were selected, and the video above is my favorite from the ten. Each one received $1,000 each. The contest has been so successful […]

Cartoon Network to launch MMO on Mac

Cartoon Network will be launching its massively multiplayer online game “FusionFall” today. The game will cost $5.95 per month, and a box version will be released for $19.95 that also include 4 months of play. The game will feature many characters from Cartoon Network’s original stable like Ben 10 Alien Force, Dexter’s Laboratory, Foster’s Home […]