Apple Expo Paris 2009 is officially cancelled

Well Apple has effectively killed off another trade show. The Apple Expo Paris 2009 event has been cancelled by Reed Exhibitions. The announcement came only a day after Apple announced that it would be pulling out of Macworld Expo in 2010 – and that CEO Steve Jobs would not be giving the Keynote at the […]

Macworld Expo set to continue with or without Apple

IDG World Expo was quick to respond yesterday with assurances that the “Macworld Expo” event would continue to happen in 2010 and beyond – with or without Apple. IDG vice president Paul Kent released a statement shortly after Apple’s press release yesterday afternoon. “We are on track for a terrific show this year, with strong […]

The Lack of App Store Content Equality

Every Developer faces a different set of challenges and frustrations when creating content for any platform. The App Store has been a particularly frustrating experience for Developers in a variety of different ways. Some are concerned about the price of Apps, others are upset about the inability to create software that competes with Apple’s own […]

VIDEO: Apple’s New Holiday “Get a Mac” Ads

Apple has released two holiday themed ads, each featuring “Rankin-Bass” inspired Mac and PC characters. The first ad “I Can Do Anything” focuses on Mac and PC having fun being animated, and even talking to an animated bunny – who PC drops snow on when he finds out the little guy is heading to an […]