Is Apple cutting its notebook production?

Apple could be cutting its production on both notebooks and the iPhone according to Ars Technica. With the current economic downturn that’s not terribly surprising, though. The news comes from Quanta, a Taiwanese OEM that Apple has outsourced a good portion of its production to. The company is suggesting that Apple may be cutting its […]

What the iPhone needs next – organization

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait for the iPhone 3.0. I’m sincerely hoping by then that we have an improvement on the organization of the iPhone Apps – because they are seriously starting to get out of hand. I currently have 7 of the 9 available screens filled to the brim with […]

Microsoft jumping on the App Store bandwagon

Steve Ballmer spoke on Friday about Webkit, the App Store, and Facebook, making it clear that Microsoft’s long standing policies to innovate by copying what others have already done, is going to continue to be the flagship motto of the company for years to come. According to Apple Insider Ballmer dismissed Webkit as interesting, but […]

RUMOR: Blackberry Storm to be priced higher than iPhone

Now that companies have had time to really think about how to respond to the iPhone we’re starting to see some true competition emerge. The T-Mobile G1 is certainly a contender, and another device that has everyone talking is the upcoming Blackberry Storm. The device is RIM’s answer to the iPhone, and there has been […]

Mophie Juice Pack 3G is now shipping

The Mophie Juice Pack 3G is finally available and has begun shipping as of yesterday afternoon. The Juice Pack has been something that I have sorely missed since upgrading to the iPhone 3G. I’m excited to see the new release, and hope that it maintains the same quality as the original version. You can expect […]

RUMOR: Orange France to see iPhone for 99 Euro

Orange France is rumored to be reducing the price of its iPhone 3G models to 100€ (~$125 USD) for the 8GB model and 130€ (~$165 USD) for the 16GB version. According to reports this will take effect on Nov. 13th. If this proves true, it will make the iPhone much cheaper in France than in […]

Apple posts iLife security update for Tiger users

Yesterday Apple released a security update for iLife ’08 called iLife Support 8.3.1. The update reportedly improves the stability of the suite, and updates a number of other minor issues. This is only for user who are still using Tiger. To update all you’ll need to do is check System Preferences under the Apple logo […]

And the #1 downloaded song from iTunes of all time is….

Have you ever wondered what the most downloaded song in iTunes history is? Yeah, I hadn’t either, but the team at Editable Apple have, and they have the answer. It turns out that the most downloaded track isn’t a number one hit…in fact, it’s never been a number one hit in its history. The song […]