iPhone could be closer to entering China

A new job posting by Apple suggests that the company may be closer to bringing the iPhone to China. The company is seeking an iPhone Quality Assurance Engineer in Beijing. China is, of course, a massive market for mobile phones, and Apple would love to find their way into that market. Rumors have been on […]

Sync your Calendar and Contacts over the air with NuevaSync

For those of you that want to sync your calendar and contacts over the air, but don’t want to pay the $99 a year that Mobile Me requires, there may be a solution for you. NuevaSync is a service that allows direct, over-the-air, native synchronization of certain smart phones and PDS devices with public PIM […]

4 Cups + 2 Tooth Picks = iPod Speaker system?

This is a fun project from designer Dmitry Zagga. It pokes fun at conceptual design – and if you’ve been around here for any length of time you know that if it’s on thing I enjoy — it’s poking fun. The project is pretty easy, it involves 4 paper cups, two tooth picks, and an […]

RUMOR: iPhone Tethering for $30 a month?

So according to a site that just popped up in April, that has no verifiable source, and also can’t seem to spell “blogs” properly, AT&T’s upcoming 3G iPhone tethering plan (which they announced was “coming soon” earlier this month) will be exactly like their current Blackberry plan. Wow, really? Yup, spreading a rumor is just […]

Parallels Version 4.0 has been released

Parallels Desktop 4.0 has been released for th aMac. The newest version of the Parallels Desktop is claiming a 50% speed increase over the previous version of the software, support for more OSs and a few other features. It has even added support of many 3D games. You can find a full list here. Parallels […]