iPhone still rules on Flickr

Sure, we all like to complain about the iPhone camera (mainly because it’s terrible), but no matter what you think about it’s quality – there is no questioning its dominance on Flickr. The chart below from Edible Apple shows that the iPhone’s growth has increased substantially while the Nokia N95, with it’s vastly superior camera, […]

Netflix starts testing “Watch Instantly” on Mac w/ Silverlight

We’ve heard for a while that Netflix was going to be bringing their “Watch Instantly” feature to the Mac “soon”. Well, finally, they have begun to test this using Microsoft’s Silverlight browser plugin. If you’ve thought the Microsoft Silverlight plugin was useless or annoying, the fact that it will finally bring Netflix over to Mac […]

Apple publicly opposes Proposition 8

Apple issued a statement today opposing Proposition 8, the controversial initiative measure that would “change the California Constitution to eliminate the right of same-sex couples to marry in California. “Apple is publicly opposing Proposition 8 and making a donation of $100,000 to the No on 8 campaign. Apple was among the first California companies to […]

Fake “Heart Attack” story caused by Teen

Bloomberg is reporting that investigators have determined that the fake “Steve Job’s heart attack” story that made it onto CNN’s iReport site was planted by a an 18-year old teenager. They found no evidence that the teen attempted to profit from the sharp drop in Apple’s stock that occurred after Silicon Alley Insider picked up […]

Intel apologizes for iPhone jab

An Intel representative recently blasted the iPhone – and stated that its problems were because of its ARM processor. The company, however, has backpedaled on that statement, calling them “inappropriate”. Intel put forth an apology and then lauded the iPhone as “extremely innovative”. They also applauded the “new and exciting market opportunities” that the device […]

U.S. Congress is looking at the iPhone…for themselves

Next year U.S. Senators could have iPhones in their pockets because congress is considering the iPhone as its newest communication device. Congress’s Chief Administrative Office is testing a set of iPhones among its ranks to see if the device will function within the needs of Capital Hill representatives and support staff according to MacNN. The […]

VIDEO: “Get a Mac” – Bake Sale…one too many

Ok Apple – that’s enough. Two ads sticking it to Microsoft about spending money to advertise Windows instead of fixing it was kind of fun. I think it was probably one more than was necessary, but three is pushing it. I think one ad is a nice response to Microsoft’s ad campaign. Two ads is […]