Woz now appearing in Scottevest “woz-i-sodes”

Wow – if you thought Bill Gates’ recent foray into acting in those commercials with Seinfeld was bad…you ain’t seen nothin’ yet my friend. Steve Wozniak (who some of you may remember from his role in…you know…co-founding Apple) is doing a series of web-i-sode commercial-type things for Scottevest. Who is Scottevest? Well, they make geek-centric […]

Axiotron announces new “Mod-service”

If you’re interesting in having a Mac-tablet – and you already have a last-gen Macbook lying around – you might be interested to know that Axiotron is now offering a service where they will mod your existing machine for around $1,300. Getting a Modbook direct from them, for comparison’s sake, will cost you about $2,300 […]

RUMOR: Mac Mini might not be dead after all

TUAW is reporting that the Mac Mini may not be as dead at is seems like it is. The new rumor is that the Mac Mini may be getting a refresh that ditches the Intel integrated motherboard design. I certainly hope it’s true. The Mac Mini is what made it possible (financially) for me to […]

Some Macbook manufacturing problems reported online

According to TGDaily some buyers of the new Macbooks are complaining about a loose battery/HDD latch and slanted function keys on the keyboard. This could be an indication that Apple’s new manufacturing process need some refinement…or simply that the folks at quality control need to do a better job. Like many Apple problems this could […]

VIDEO: Google Earth is now available for your iPhone

Google Earth is now available for the iPhone – and it’s pretty darn impressive. The software (which is demoed in the video above) is virtually the same as its desktop counterpart. The touch controls work really well, and it’s very cool to see location services find your house from space. You can literally travel the […]

Apple Gazette Daily 373 – iPhone, Apple, News, and Stuff

podcast sponsor link:Click Here to check out Blogflux Groups! Today’s Show: iPhone, Apple, News, and Stuff You can subscribe via iTunes, or by RSS feed, or… you can listen to the episode right here: right here In addition to that, you can also download the Apple Gazette Daily Widget and listen to every episode of […]

At&T wants to know what features you want on your iPhone

AT&T has recently reached out to many iPhone owners to find out what you’d like to see on future versions of the iPhone according to MacNN. For the most part the survey is about your satisfaction with both AT&T and Apple, but it also asks specifically about several features, and whether or not you want […]

New Macbook Pros doesn’t support 8GB Ram

According to iFixit it looks like the new Macbook Pros will not actually support 8GB of Ram. NVIDIA representatives have dated previously that the new chipsets used in the MacBook and Macbook Pro could support up to 8GB of Ram, but after testing, that doesn’t seem to be the case. The Macbook Pro that was […]