Video: The Greatest “Star Wars” Movie ever filmed!

When the Star Wars prequels were in production, my circle of friends and I were fascinated, not only by the movies themselves, but by the fan film community that was building around the Star Wars universe. We wrote our own fan films like “Urban Jedi” where two Jedi were lost on planet Earth, and another […]

iPhone Software Spotlight – Tripper

All this week we’re going to be taking a look at cool applications on the iPhone/iPod Touch that you might have missed. First up is Tripper, a Mileage Log application that includes GPS support. I recently met the creator of this application and I was really impressed with him and the apps that he’s building […]

Backdating trouble not yet over for Jobs and Apple

It looks like Apple’s backdating problems may not be over, even after last week’s announcement that they were reaching a settlement in 19 cases. Bloomberg is reporting that an ongoing case is still presently under seal at the Santa Clara County Court. The plaintiff’s lawyer says he is acting on the behalf of shareholders and […]

iPhone 2.1 now available

As promised on Tuesday, iPhone update 2.1 is now available in iTunes. Its features include: – Decrease in call set-up failures and dropped calls – Significantly better battery life for most users – Dramatically reduced time to backup to iTunes – Improved email reliability, notably fetching email from POP and Exchange accounts – Faster installation […]

Oh NBC, why must you keep stirring things up?

So NBC is back in iTunes. That must mean all is well with the two companies, correct? Well…maybe…but it doesn’t stop them from trying to convince the press that the other actually caved to make the deal possible. NBC is saying that Apple made concessions to get them back in the store. The problem with […]

Macworld 2009 registration is now open

Apple fans – it’s time to register for Macworld 2009. Registration has officially opened for next January’s Macworld Expo in San Francisco, California. Events this year include graphic design, digital photography, digital music, IT, and others. Steve Jobs hasn’t officially been announced as the Keyonte speaker – but – you know, it’s highly likely. You […]