T-Mobile announces the “G1” – Will it rival the iPhone?

Today T-Mobile officially unveiled the T-Mobile G1 – the first phone to use Google’s Android platform. The phone will cost $179 and will be available in the United States on October 22. T-Mobile has referred to the device as “game changing” and say that it will “power a new mobile internet future”. The phone will […]

YouTube Find: VMWare posts video tutorials online

VMWare has begun to publish short YouTube videos demoing various tasks that can be completed with the new version of Fusion for OSX. These videos are incredibly useful for those that are looking to get “under the hood” of Fusion, and really get the most out of it. You can view all the VM Ware […]

Apple recalls iPhone 3G power adapters

While it was a slow news weekend for the most part, there is one important thing that all iPhone 3G early adopters need to know about. Apple is recalling millions of iPhone 3G ultra compact power adapters. You can easily tell if yours is in need of being replaced. Take a look at it – […]

iPhone Software Spotlight – Tennis Slam

Lots of people are reminded of Nintendo’s Wii console when they think of the iPhone’s accelerometer based controls. If you’re looking for a game that will strength that connection even further, you should check out Tennis Slam. Tennis Slam looks like a mini-version of Wii Sports Tennis using bean people instead of Miis. It plays […]

Steve Jobs now ranked No. 61 in the Forbes 400

Steve Jobs is now ranking at No. 61 on the latest Forbes 400 list of the wealthiest people in America. The net worth of every member of the ranks is at least $1.3 billion. Jobs has fallen slightly from his No. 56 position last year, but he has gained a significant amount of wealth since […]