Video: Time-Lapse creation of Lego Mac Pro

Bricked Mac – Time-Lapse from RP Cuenco on Vimeo. What do you do if you have 14 hours to kill, a ton of grey lego pieces, and a group of friends who really dig building stuff? Apparently you make a Mac Pro out of lego bricks. This group of students managed to pull it off […]

Adobe Photoshop CS4 adds Multi-Touch

Adobe’s next version of Photoshop is looking pretty interesting. Video’s from Adobe’s site showcase some of the interesting things you can do with the software, including creating 3-D (as in red and blue glasses) images, and many, many more features. One feature that will be Mac only, though is Multi-touch. Wired writes: The big Mac-specific […]

iPhone App Spotlight – Election ’08

Many people are saying that the 2008 Presidential Election may be the most important election in our nation’s history. That may or may not be true, but there is no denying that it is a terribly important election, and I know many of you are swept up into it like I am. The main problem […]

Apple Gazette Daily 353 – More on the “Brick”, Lawsuits, and iPhone Buying info

podcast sponsor link:Click Here to check out Blogflux Groups! Today’s Show: More on the “Brick”, Lawsuits, and iPhone Buying info You can subscribe via iTunes, or by RSS feed, or… you can listen to the episode right here: right here In addition to that, you can also download the Apple Gazette Daily Widget and listen […]

Apple and At&t face another iPhone related lawsuit

New York resident Jai Sen is taking At&t and Apple to court over the iPhone in a variety of ways. Jai’s complaints include software problems, crack in the devices case, and advertising issues. It is yet another attempt to get a class action lawsuit over the iPhone up and running. His claims against the advertising […]

Apple finally allows you to buy your iPhone 3G at home

You can’t just order your iPhone and have it shipped to you, but you can at least avoid the lines and order an iPhone in the privacy of your own home thanks to a new program launched today. The Begin at Home program will allow users to enter their billing information through Apple’s site, check […]