Review – Tetravex for iPhone

Tetravex is an edge-matching puzzle game. The player is presented with a grid and square tiles consisting of four different colored triangles turned in on each other. To solve the puzzle you must connect the squares together by matching their edges. It’s a classic puzzle game that fans of games like Sudoku should love.

Phishing scam targets MobileMe users

There is a new phishing scheme out in the wild that is duping hundreds of MobileMe users into giving up their credit card info and other personal data. Computerworld spoke with Dan Clements, the president of CardCops, an identity protection company, who uncovered the scam. They report that the scam was timed with the switch […]

The iMac turns 10 today

Let’s travel back in time to a far away land. A land where 10% of homes in Silicon Valley had home networks. A time when a 4 GB hard drive and a 15 inch display were all you’d ever want. It was only 10 years ago (and its amazing how far we’ve come in that […]

Predictions for Apple’s Sept. Special Event, Macworld 2009, and Summer 2009

Everyday I have to read some kind of report about a Wallstreet “analyst” who is making predictions about what the future holds for Apple. Half the time these guys are either just “predicting” stuff they read off of MacRumors or Apple Insider, and the other half they’re spouting out stuff that is so blatantly obvious […]

Movies make their way to the iTunes Australia & New Zealand Stores

Apple issued a press release this morning announcing that movies from major film studios including 20th Century Fox, The Walt Disney Studios, Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros. Entertainment, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc. (MGM), Sony Pictures Television International and Lionsgate are now available on the iTunes Store in Australia and New Zealand. There are over 700 titles to […]

Best Buy to join AT&T and Apple in selling iPhone 3Gs

Starting on September 7th 2008, Apple Store and AT&T Stores won’t be the only places to stand in line for an iPhone. On that day electronics retailer “Best Buy” will begin selling the device in all 970 of their stores. This new agreement has caused many to question whether “Best Buy” will actually have any […]