China allows iTunes back in after “Songs” censorship

China has allowed its citizens access to the iTunes store again now that the album Songs for Tibet – The Art of Peace has been blocked. Any attempts by people in China to access the album will result in an error -and not just in iTunes. You can’t get the tracks from Amazon or YouTube […]

Apple posts new iPhone Ads showcasing the App Store

Apple has recently posted two new iPhone Ads on that showcase the importance of the App Store. The first is Cro Mag, which shows you how with a few simple touches you can download, install, and play a Cro Mag Rally. The second one called Lonely Planet, shows you how you can download a […]

The iCar is real and I have PICS!!!!

I was driving back from seeing Kung Fu Panda again with my daughter (highly recommended) when I saw it out of the corner of my eye. At first, I couldn’t believe it…so I turned the car around, and THERE IT WAS. The iCar. Sitting with a “For Sale” sign on it right in front of […]