The iPhone 3G is up and running…

Well, 5 minutes before the start of the birthday party we had here today the iPhone 3G finally connected and got rolling. I’m so exhausted from the past 24 hours I don’t really even know what to think. So far, I’m not 100% sure that I should have upgraded. Edge and 3G aren’t THAT much […]

I have an iPhone 3G – but it doesn’t work quite yet

Well, last night around midnight I and two buddies headed out to the AT&T store in our local area to get ourselves some iPhone 3Gs. I didn’t expect the same kind of turn out as last year, and I didn’t expect the same kinds of problems as last year. I got both. The line stretched […]

5 iPhone Apps I Can’t Wait to Download

After spending the last hour or so rummaging through the iPhone App Store in iTunes there are several applications that I just can’t wait to get my hands on. TripLog/1040 – If you file a 1040 on your taxes, then you probably already know that you can write-off your travel expenses. Triplog looks like a […]

POLL: What kind of iPhone 3G will you be buying?

As we prepare for the imminent launch of the iPhone 3G it’s time to ask you, the Apple Gazette reader, just what in the heck you’re going to do about the new iPhone 3G. Take the poll Free Poll by Blog Flux Fee free to elaborate on where you are, and why you will, or […]

iPhone 3G Reviews pop up in USA Today, WSJ, and NY Times

The “big guns” of Apple reviews have chimed in on the iPhone 3G this morning, with reviews appearing in USA Today, the Wall Street Journal, and The New York Times. Surprisingly, the general consensus seems to be the same. Everyone likes the faster 3G speed, but they don’t care for the shorter battery-life because of […]