Apple reports highest Mac Sales EVER

Apple just issued the press release for their 3rd Quarter Financial results, and things couldn’t be going any better for Macs. Revenue is up 38% year-over-year, and Mac Sales are at an all time high. Apple shipped 2,496,000 Macs during the quarter, representing 41% growth from the previous year. That’s absolutely amazing. Full press release […]

I need an iPhone Developer

I’m interested in having an iPhone application developed. I don’t want to talk about it too much here on the site just yet, but if you are a developer for the iPhone, and interested in working with me on an application please send me an email at: michael(at)applegazette(dot)com And we can talk more about it.

Apple I Basic audio – geekiest iPhone Ringtone ever?

The casette tape pictured above is the very first piece of software that Apple ever sold. It’s the Apple I Basic cassette, and it was released in 1976. This piece of software has been extracted from the cassette and turned into an mp3 that’s 38 seconds long. Some very smart people have been getting extremely […]

New iPhone Apps for July 21, 2008

Over the weekend a few new applications where added into the iPhone App store, but most of the changes were updates. Here’s a look at what has been added or modified: Crosswords, Clickwheel Comic Reader, Chalkboard Calc, Belote expert Online, Battle of Waterloo, AirMe, WritingPad, Vecka, Tiny Violin, Super Pong, Sketches, Shout It, Quitter, Moo […]

iPhone 3G is almost completely sold out

According to MacNN, Apple has almost completely sold out of its iPhone 3G stock. According to their report there are only 3 locations left that even have stock. Only New York, California, and New Hampshire even have any iPhone left to speak of…and not one of them has an 8GB iPhone available. AT&T is reporting […]

UPDATED: Facebook for iPhone – Review

(UPDATE: Never mind…as commenter Adam pointed out, version 1.1 was released this morning, and offers a solution for, it appears, every single complaint I had. It’s amazing what difference a few hours will make.) I’m a fairly casual user of Facebook. I don’t spend just huge amounts of time on it…just long enough to get […]