MobileMe problems persist, Mossberg says “Pass”

Walt Mossberg has just reviewed Apple’s MobileMe, and his verdict was a resounding “pass”. His reasoning doesn’t even factor in the constant stream of problems the service has had since its launch. Instead, Mossberg focuses on the fact that content doesn’t actually “push” to Macs and PCs like most of us thought it did. He […]

Doctor Who is now in iTunes (US) and its never been cheaper!

One of the greatest shows on television is now available in iTunes. Normally that wouldn’t be a big deal, but in this case – it’s a little different. The show I’m talking about is “Doctor Who”, and if you haven’t seen an episode of the latest incarnation of the show, now is your chance. My […]

New iPhone Apps for July 24, 2008

Apple issued a relatively light update of the App Store today with only 5 Apps being added to the store as I type this. I would imagine that more applications will be added throughout the day, as seems to be the norm with the way the store is currently updating. New and updated applications include: […]

Drew’s iPhone 3G experience

Let me start about a year back. When the original iPhone released on June 27, 2007, I got there three hours early and was third in line. I actually even made the local papers because of it…and was subsequently mocked by some of my friends who walked into the store the next day and picked […]

New iPhone Apps for July 23, 2008

A handful of new applications were added to the App Store. I’m not sure why the flood of applications seems to be getting shorter, since I know there are thousands of developers out there who still haven’t been “approved” for the store, but we’re seeing less and less high profile stuff, and a lot more…ahem…other […]

VIDEO: New iPhone Ad begins airing around the world

Now that the iPhone 3G has been released, Apple has started airing a series of commercials that are very similar to the original iPhone launch commercials. These ads show off the phone doing things “really fast”. Here’s the Australian version: I saw a US version of this ad during The Daily Show last night, and […]