Are Bloggers over stating the App Store problems?

Over the weekend, and again today, I have read posts on other blogs about the current issues surrounding the App Store, and problems that developers are having with it. The first was on TUAW this weekend. It’s titled simply enough “iPhone 2.1 SDK Disappointments” but the post itself includes a variety of over the top […]

New iPhone Apps for July 28, 2008

The App Store saw several updates over the weekend. Many updates for applications are starting to be pushed through the store – which is an issue that many developers have reportedly complained about. As the kinks continue to get ironed out of the App Store, I still find myself hopelessly addicted to it…how about you? […]

Steve Jobs comes clean about his health

We’ve talked about it several times recently, as have many other sites, so I feel like its necessary to at least post a quick write up that Steve Jobs has revealed a little more information about his current health. While his health problems have been “a good deal more than a common bug.” They are […]

New iPhone Apps for July 25, 2008 (BIG UPDATE)

Today there was a very large update to the App Store. Several games, a few Social Networking sites, and even some Productivity utilities have made their way into the store, giving us all kinds of stuff to play with over the weekend. New or Updated Applications include: American Heritage Dictionary, Annotater, Avatar, CellSpin, Cookie Bonus […]