WWDC 2008 Keynote Recap

This year’s WWDC Keynote was completely iPhone focused. It started off with a showcase of iPhone Apps that are going to be in the App Store when it launches in early July including several games, MLB.com and Ebay apps, and a handful of medical applications among others. Games looked as good as many Nintendo DS […]

The Apple Store is down…

It begins… Stop giggling. We still have hours to go. It’s common for the Apple Store to go down before any Keynote, and it doesn’t guarantee us that the new iPhone will be available today. It might be available for purchase today, but ship down the road – it might not even be what shows […]

WWDC 2008 Live Coverage later today…

Today is the big day. WWDC 2008 coverage will begin later today, and and continue on well after the keynote. Live coverage will begin at 10:00 am PST in our LIVE coverage area, and I’ll be covering it on Twitter too (servers permitting). After the keynote is over, there will be a recap posted here […]


UPDATE: Lots of speculation that these are fake. Most arguing that there is a button missing from one of the phones. We’ll see for sure on Monday. CrunchGear has some VERY convincing scans of promotional material of the new 3G iPhone. The phone looks thinner, comes in a variety of colors and features video chat. […]

Where can you find Live Coverage of WWDC 2008?

As we prepare for Steve Job’s Keynote on Monday, June 9th, 2008, I thought it would be a good idea to round up all the sites that are going to be covering the event, to be sure that you can find a place to get up-to-the-second info. Surprisingly, several of the sites that provided coverage […]

YouTube Find: MST3K Mac Debate

It’s been a while since I’ve watched Mystery Science Theatre 3000, and I had forgotten how much I loved that show. That is, until I got an email about a TUAW post with this great YouTube find in it. Man – I miss this show…