YouTube Find: iPhone Magic Tricks

Here’s something a little fun for a slow news day. Magician Marco Tempest created this video a while ago showing off some interesting custom application tricks with the iPhone. It’s obviously a video that he’s timed to work along with, but its a fun little diversion anyway.

LG’s Dare would really like to be an iPhone

Verizon today began shipping the LG Dare, and has finally revealed the price of the new device. The handset should be available for purchase online by Thursday, and will hit retail stores on July 3rd. The phone will retail for $250. You then get a $50 mail-in-rebate…which will bring the cost down to $200 when […]

Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy! make their way to Mac

Freeverse announced on Tuesday the release of Wheel of Fortune Deluxe Jeopardy! Deluxe for Mac. Both game are, of course, based on the popular game shows they take their names from. Being a big fan of “Wheel of Fortune” (don’t judge me) I downloaded the demo of the game and began playing it immediately. You […]

ThinkFree offers Document viewer for iPhone/iPod Touch

The online office suite, ThinkFree, announced the release of an iPhone/iPod Touch web app for their service this morning. ThinkFree is an excellent online alternative to Microsoft Office. I happen to prefer it to Google docs for a number of reasons…one of which, is the desktop-like Ui of the applications. This morning the company unveiled […]

Will we see 10.5.4 before July 11th?

AppleInsider thinks so. According to their report the newest build, “9E17” has no known issue and that only two fixes have been in the last 10 days. The article suggests that we’ll see 10.5.4 before July 11th, because of a need for the system to integrate Mobile Me support into OS X. I think its […]

UPDATED (again): Web Apps DON’T work offline in Safari 4

I received an email this morning shortly after posting about the Snow Leopard screenshots from a reader and developer. They provided the screenshot above which clearly shows the Windows version of Safari 4.0 having saved the AppleGazette RSS feed as an offline application. The file is an .exe – making it a full blown Windows […]

“Snow Leopard” screenshots surface, show off new feature

Over the weekend a German website posted several screenshots of Apple’s next OS release – Snow Leopard. These images show us that Snow Leopard – at its current stage – looks almost identical to the current OS X release…which is to be expected. One interesting new feature found in Safari is the ability to “Save […]