Mobile Me showing signs of life…

Immediately after the WWDC 2008 Keynote many users flocked to, the home of the upcoming Mobile Me service from Apple, only to find that there was nothing there. In fact, the domain was completely offline until recently. It is now forwarding to Apple’s Mobile Me page on More than that, however, some […]

Canada, Norway, and Sweden all get terrible iPhone plans

The big stink on Friday was the announcement of the iPhone plans in Canada. Rogers has offered some less than spectacular plans for Canadian iPhone customers, sparking an online petition that has had over 9,000 signatures added to it this weekend. Canada wasn’t the only one to get news of terrible rate plans on Friday, […]

Apple Q3 earnings call, Pro Applications update

A time has officially been set for Apple’s third-quarter earnings conference call. The company has announced that the call is scheduled for July 21, 2008, just 10 days after the release of the iPhone 3G, at 2 pm Pacific time. Last night Apple also released an update for its Pro Applications. This update “improves reliability […]

Want to stop iPhone speaker buzz? Grab a Red Bull!

If you have an iPhone and have had it around unshielded speakers, chances are you’ve had to deal with that horrible noise that the two make when in close proximity to one another. Thankfully, one guy with some free time on his hands has solved this problem by building his own “iPhone Red Bull anti-interference […]

O2 briefly posts “pay as you go” prices for iPhone 3G

Yesterday UK iPhone provider O2 briefly posted a page on their site that featured the exact pricing on their “pay-as-you-go” option. The website was replaced a short time later by a new page that said almost the same thing, but did not give specifics on pricing. While it was up, O2 stated that the iPhone […]