Quick Tip: Force Eject a stuck CD or DVD from your Mac

It is very rare that you’ll find a CD or DVD stuck in your Mac with no apparent way of getting it out, but if that happens, in can be terribly frustrating. There are a few different things you can try to force the disk to eject. 1. Try iTunes – Sometimes the iTunes eject […]

Software Spotlight: FrameByFrame 1.1

If you’ve ever wanted to play around with your legos or action figures and create some kind of stop motion animation movie, then you’ll want to check out FrameByFrame 1.1. This freeware application will allow you to create stop motion video in seconds using any camera connected to your Mac. Your movie documents can be […]

iPhone is now the “most popular” camera phone on Flickr

The iPhone dominates the cell phone landscape as the phone most used to browse the Internet, for obvious reasons, but now the iPhone has been dubbed one of the most popular for uploading pictures as well. According to data pulled from Flickr (and MacNN), more members use the iPhone to upload photos than any other […]

Now purchase movies directly from AppleTV

Apple has updated the AppleTV software to now include a feature that shows movies that are available for purchase via a “Buy” button. After a feature is purchased your AppleTV will sync back up with iTunes moving the film into your iTunes library for viewing on your PC, Mac, iPod or iPhone. Now, if only […]

Unimaginative Apple parody in ‘Grand Theft Auto IV’

The folks at Rockstar games, apparently, are not Apple fans. TUAW thinks their parody is brilliant. I’m not as impressed. Drew over at TV Jab and I have been debating and discussing this game for weeks because I don’t have a very high opinion on of it. That was before the Apple parody, mind you, […]