Apple releases 5th updated to iPhone SDK

Apple has released the 5th version of the iPhone SDK for developers. The latest version if dubbed build 9M2173a. As per usual these days, there is very little information available about that this actually does differently, other than the obligatory “bug fixes”. After developers have some time to poke around with the software they may […]

NBC is back in iTunes…in the UK

The UK iTunes Store has added several NBC/Universal television shows, in spite of their absence from the US iTunes store. The current selections include “Heroes”, “House”, “Eureka”, “The Incredible Hulk”, and “Hercules: The Legendary Journeys”. Even more signifigent than the addition of NBC in the iTunes store is the pricing of the programs. Unlike the […]

Review: New AOL Desktop for Mac

I have to commend the team at AOL that have developed the new AOL Desktop for Mac. They have created an interesting all-in-one mail, messaging, and browsing experienced that is clearly been well thought out, and designed specifically for a great Mac experience. The new AOL Web Bowser, which is based on Webkit and looks […]

iMac turns 10, Apple “All-in-One” turns 25

May of 1998 was a big month. It was the first time the world was introduced to the iMac. With it, a new era of design for Macs and PCs was launched, and its safe to say that the look of computers has never been the same. Its amazing to see how the iMac has […]

Vodafone will distribute iPhones to 10 new countries

Today, British mobile giant Vodafone announced that they will distribute the iPhone to 10 new countries. Australia, India, South Africa, the Czech Republic, Egypt, Greece, Italy, New Zealand, Portugal, and Turkey will all have access to the phone, which will be intended to work on the Vodafone network. Right now no specifics about rate plans […]

Review – Presto Printer Mailbox

Mother’s Day is coming up, and those of your still looking for the perfect gift, may want to take a look at a new kind of Printer called “Presto”. I first saw the Presto printer on an infomercial styled ad on BBC America. It looked like one of those ideas that really should have been […]

iTunes typo causes widespread speculation

Sometimes the strangest things get blown out of proportion online. Take the Apple parody in GTA IV for an example of when I’ve done it, but this weekend MacNN and TUAW kind of lost their minds over a typo in iTunes. See last week Apple celebrated the 5th anniversary of iTunes, and in the page […]