YouTube Find: ‘Get a Mac’ political parody ad

‘Get a Mac’ parody ads are now making their way into politics? Looks like it. Greg Macpherson is running for Attorney General in Oregon, and someone in his campaign came up with this clever ad: While I don’t know this guy, and don’t live in Oregon (so I can’t really comment on this politics), I […]

Apple Patent suggests Wii-style remote for AppleTV

A patent application has fueled the speculation fires that Apple may create a “wiimote” styled remote for the AppleTV. While patents certainly don’t mean that something is truly going to see the light of day, this one would be most welcome, in my opinion. One of the biggest limitations of the AppleTV is the clunky […]

30 Rock and The Office now on the iPhone via

If you head over to on your iPhone you’ll notice they have an iPhone optimized mobile design, and are focused on making video available to iPhone users. You can even watch full episodes of “30 Rock” and “The Office”. The user experience is far from great, however, as the episodes are broken down into […]

Canadians – Apple just might owe you $44

It’s being reported that Apple is offering a $44 dollar credit to Canadian iPod owners, which will total $3.54 million dollars. The offer is being presented to settle a lawsuit over the battery life of iPods. Owners of first, second, or third generation iPods who purchased their units before June 24, 2004 are eligible for […]

RFR: My Macbook won’t boot into OS X

Quick question to all of you who are smarter than me… I recently used Boot Camp to put Windows on my Mac. Terrible idea. After trying to get Windows to find my Mighty Mouse, and my external monitor for 30 minutes or so, I gave up, booted back into OS X and deleted the Windows […]

The UK is sold out of iPhones

O2 post a message on their website this morning that you can see above the text here – the first generation iPhone is no longer available for purchase in the UK. Obviously, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to draw certain conclusions from this, and its relation to the upcoming 2nd generation iPhone release. If […]

iTunes .99 cent rental – “A Fish Called Wanda”

I don’t write about the .99 cent rental in iTunes every week…primarily because most of the “featured” films thus far have not been worth writing about. This week, however, is different. “A Fish Called Wanda” is written by John Cleese. That should be enough right there – the man knows funny better than almost anyone […]