Apple updates iPod Nano to 1.1.2

Apple has released a new firmware update for third-generation iPod Nanos. The minor software update is available through iTunes and reportedly addresses minor “bug fixes”. To install the software simply sync your iPod Nano with iTunes and follow the prompts.

Expect G3 iPhone hysteria between now and June 9th

It’s that time of year again, and you can see the rumor mongering engines igniting with all the passion and fervor that comes with a Steve Jobs keynote. What’s interesting so far this year, is that there is no “crazy apple product” being rumored for WWDC 2008. No one has “leaked” images of an iWatch, […]

Review – Axiotron Modbook

The Axiotron Modbook is currently the only Tablet solution for Mac users. It features a modified Macbook with simply a screen, a pen, and OSX ready to roll. The question is – is it worth buying? The cheapest Modbook starts at $2,290 – more than twice the price of the standard Macbook. This review unit […]

Roku introduces Netflix powered $100 AppleTV rival

Roku today has released an AppleTV rival device in their Netflix Player. This small box that is only slightly smaller than a Mac Mini can play any of the over 10,000 titles in the Netflix “watch instanly” library. Almost any of the Netflix subscription plans allow for unlimited use of the “watch instantly” feature, while […]

Apple to support PA Semi Chips, no new chips planned

Recently Apple acquired chip maker, PA Semi, a move that had many speculating that they might possibly be returning to the Power PC chipset. However, Apple was quick to point out that they had no intentions of leaving Intel anytime soon – which left the production of some of PA Semi’s chips in doubt. This […]

Lux claims to bring Full-Screen Multitouch to your Mac

If you’re looking for an iPhone-like multi-touch experience on your Mac, the new open source project, Lux, might just be your answer. Gizmodo has interviewed the creator of this project, and – assuming this is all on the up and up – it looks like he’s created something very interesting. Here is a demo below: […]