Indiana Jones and the Mac Desktop of DOOM!

Today is a day that many people have been waiting 19 years for. Today, the 4th Indiana Jones film, “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” officially hits theaters. In conjunction with Lucasfilm, the Iconfactory has produced a set of icons for each of the 4 films, and I have to tell you, […]

Review – Candybar 3

I love icons. Especially now that we’re at the point with Leopard where we have large, detailed, beautiful icons to look at. The team at the Iconfactory make some of the most beautiful and best designed icons I’ve ever seen. It’s a hassle, though, to go in and manually change out your icons every time […]

AGTV is now in iTunes (with better audio!)

AGTV has made its way into iTunes (even though Apple has yet to send me an email telling me so), and you can now find it on your AppleTV as well. If you’d like to subscribe to the AGTV HD feed in iTunes you can click here to do so. You can find the smaller, […]

Mophie releases Ratchet iPod/iPhone Clip Swivel Case

mStation|mophie announced the availabily of availability of their new Ratchet 360° Belt Clip Swivel case for iPhone, iPod Touch, Nano(3G), and Classic yesterday. Each one comes with a tough, shock-resistant silicone base case, and an ultra-secure spring loaded belt clip swivel allowing users to stay connected from any angle. The Ratchet is available in gray […]

Man & Machine, Inc sues Apple & CBS over Mighty Mouse trademark

Apple is being sued, yet again, this time in Maryland by a company called “Man & Machine, Inc.” over the name of Apple’s Mighty Mouse. Yesterday the company filed suit against Apple and television network CBS in a Maryland District Court. The suit alleges trademark infringement related to use of the “Mighty Mouse” trademark. So […]

Video: ‘Coldplay’ featured in latest iTunes Ad

Apple has released yet another iTunes ad, this time featuring Coldplay. The ad mixes the familiar style of the iTunes ads with the color scheme of recent AppleTV videos to produce a trippy kind of effect. If you’d like to watch the ad in HD you can head over to Apple’s official site. The Coldplay […]