UPDATED: .Mac may be getting a name change

MacNN has discovered something interesting in the code of the 10.5.3 update. It appears as though Apple’s .Mac service may be getting a name change, and possible overhaul. Buried deep within the v10.5.3 update are several strings of code which indicate that the .Mac name may be dropped. In iCal’s Localizable.strings file you can find […]

RUMOR: Apple planning biggest “back-to-school” campaign ever

Rumor has it that Apple’s senior vice present Ron Johnson spoke with retail staff recently and told them that Apple was planning their biggest “back-to-school” promo ever. That makes sense with the popularity that Macs have been finding on college campuses, but it leaves plenty of room to speculate on just what the “biggest promo […]

Television comes to iTunes France, variable pricing continues

Apple announced today that television programming is finally coming to iTunes France. Top French networks like TF1, France Télévisions, Arte, Mediatoon’s Dargaud TV and Dupuis TV and US shows from The Walt Disney Company and MTV Networks are all available in the iTunes Store in France now. Customers can now purchase and download primetime hits […]

Apple released iPhone SDK Beta 6, ties it to OS X 10.5.3

Late yesterday Apple released what many believe will be the final iPhone SDK before the Steve Job’s Keynote on June 9th. The Beta software update is only compatible with Leopard OS X 10.5.3, which Apple released only a short while before this new Beta. Other than the usual “various bug fixes” there isn’t much Apple […]

Apple releases OS X 10.5.3

Apple has officially released Leopard OS X 10.5.3 today. In addition to general fixes updates include Address Book, Airport, Automator, iCal, iChat, Mail, Parental Controls, Spaces, Time Machine, and Voice Over. The file is 420 Mbs and is sure to have some interesting new tweaks and features not covered in the update, so let us […]

Should Apple license Safari to other mobile platforms?

Samsung’s announcement today that they are running Apple’s Safari browser on their latest slider phone is, of course, not exactly true. What they’re doing is running a version of Webkit, which is the basis for Safari. It’s not the same thing, and Samsung knows it – but their little “mistake” will get their new phone […]

It slices, it dices its…the Macbook Air? w/Pic

A German website is claiming that the Macbook Air is so thin – its dangerous! Apparently (and I’m leaving it to Engadget here to suss out the details of translating) the gentlemen in the picture above claims that the laceration on his elbow was from his Macbook Air. To further bring the point home, there […]