NBC would ‘love’ to be back in iTunes, they would also love to keep your files out of it

George Kliavkoff, chief digital officer for NBC Universal is singing a different ‘tune’ about iTunes according to CNET. The “chief digital officer” stated in a interview at the Ad:Tech conference that NBC would ‘ love to be on iTunes…It has a great customer experience. We’d love to figure out a way to distribute our content […]

You can buy ‘Juno’ in iTunes – but why would you?

That really is a question in the title there, and I’d love to get an answer from you if you think purchasing ‘Juno’ in iTunes is a good idea. Here’s the story… The hit indy film ‘Juno’ was released on DVD and Blu-Ray yesterday. It is also available for purchase – not rent – in […]

Apple is going to replace my Macbook Pro

Well, hopefully the ongoing Macbook Pro saga is about to come to an end. I just got off the phone with Apple and after I get some paperwork emailed to me sometime tomorrow afternoon, and I sign and return it, a new Macbook Pro will be on its way to my door.

Apple Gazette Daily 247 – Psystar talk, AppleTV, and More

podcast sponsor link:http://www.audiblepodcast.com/applegazette Click the link above to get your free audio book from Audible, and help support Apple Gazette at the same time! Today’s Show: Psystar talk, AppleTV, and More You can subscribe via iTunes, or by RSS feed, or… you can listen to the episode right here: right here In addition to that, […]

Apple releases minor AppleTV upate

The AppleTV updates have been coming along steadily with 2.0.1 released just a few weeks ago. Today, we have 2.0.2 having popped up over night. We have absolutely no details on what exactly is featured in this update, but those that have already downloaded it have discovered a few minor changes. First there is a […]

Amazingly detailed Macbook Pro laser etching

This has to be one of the most impressive laser etchings I’ve ever seen. It’s incredibly detailed and layered. Apparently the image is from World of Warcraft. Very, very cool stuff. You can find out more about the people that did it right here. Higher-Rez images are available at Flickr.