Airport Extreme update adds USB Hard Drive back-up function

Yesterday’s Time Machine/Airport update finally activated a feature that just about everyone has been waiting for. You can now attach a USB external hard drive to your Airport Extreme and back up your files wirelessely from any Mac on the network. Essentially, it makes your Airport Extreme and an external USB drive into your very […]

New York is “Hell” according to the iPhone

This is something interesting…Apparently, when you type in “Hell” in the iPhone weather widget, the first thing that pops up is “New York, NY”. NY is followed by Hellertown, PA, Hellier, KY, Hellin, and Castilla-La Mancha(Spain). Interestingly, Hell, Michigan, which is a real place, isn’t listed at all. This is one of those little “easter […]

Apple releases Safari 3.1

Apple today announced the release of Safari 3.1 for both Mac and Windows. Apple’s press release focuses almost entirely on speed, touting all the various things that Safari can do faster than any other browser. In addition to speed, though, Safari 3.1 does have some interesting improvements. It is the first browser to support audio […]

Apple Gazette Daily 229 – Airport Express, Blu-Ray on Mac, and more

podcast sponsor link: Click the link above to get your free audio book from Audible, and help support Apple Gazette at the same time! Today’s Show: WWDC, iPhone Developer Rejects and more! You can subscribe via iTunes, or by RSS feed, or… you can listen to the episode right here: right here In addition to […]

Apple introduces New Airport Express, now with 802.11n

In a slightly surprising announcement for a Monday, Apple announced the immediate availability of the newest version of the Airport Express Base Station featuring. “Priced at just $99, AirPort Express is the world’s smallest 802.11n-based mobile base station. It can be plugged directly into the wall for wireless Internet connectivity and USB printing at home […]

Does Apple really need to move to Blu-Ray anytime soon?

There has been some talk over the weekend about why Apple hasn’t yet moved to adding Blu-Ray drives to its computers. Some seem to think that now that the “format war is over” that Apple should be saddling into the Blu-Ray bandwagon (which they originally committed to at the start of the Blu-Ray format) and […]