iPhoto books final come to Australia and New Zealand

Australian and New Zealand residents can finally order Photobooks, calendars, postcards, and prints directly from Apple. A feature that we’ve had in the states for over two years. Before this official release customers wanting to use the service had to either use a third party solution, or have a friend in the US. Picturebooks start […]

Apple updates iPhoto, Braille Display, and ProKit

Last night Apple released minor updates to its iPhoto, Braille Display, and ProKit software. The iPhoto update addresses issues when publishing photos to a .Mac Web Gallery, improves overall stability, and fixes a number of other minor issues. The Braille update, which you can find here, adds support to Apple’s screen reading software, called VoiceOver, […]

Apple releases two new iPhone Ads

Yesterday Apple released two brand new iPhone ads. They seem to have, thankfully, abandoned the previous campaign which focused on individuals telling iPhone stories. These ads are a return to the original style of iPhone ad, with one entitled “Facebook” showing off the Facebook web app, and another which shows you how you can look […]

Essential Mac Apps for “Switchers”

If you’ve just switched to the Mac, you’re probably wondering, “Ok, how do I do _______ on this thing?” From playing certain video files, to using FTP, to running Windows and more, there are lots of great software options out there that are essential downloads for first-time switchers. 1. Miro – Want a beautiful interface, […]