AppleTV Take 2 – now available for download

The delayed update to AppleTV has officially been released, and you can download it now by going into your AppleTV settings tab and selecting “Update Software”. The eagerly anticipated update includes HD iTunes movie rentals, access to the iTunes audio, video, and podcasting stores, and syncing with .Mac and Flickr accounts. You can find my […]

Over 60 Macworld 2008 Presentations now online and FREE

If you missed Macworld entirely, or just missed the multitude of presentations that were present at the event, you can now view those presentations online, for free, thanks to Macworld Encore. The videos are 640×480, so they’re in high quality, they feature the slides and live demos of the presentations synced with the audio. Plus […]

Software Spotlight: DrawIt 3.3

I’m a big fan of vector drawing programs. I love vector artwork, and I enjoy working with these different programs to see how they put things together. Most try to follow the path set by Adobe, and that’s great. It makes them easy to access, and quick to pick up. DrawIt is a different beast, […]

Leopard graphics update

After you update to Leopard 10.5.2 you might think you’re done getting the most current software updates, but no – there’s still one more that you need to grab. After your 10.5.2 update is complete, go to the Software Update and you’ll find a ‘Leopard Graphics Update’. The 48.6 Mb update, however, isn’t very specific, […]

Apple releases Aperture 2

Apple continues its trend of releasing products every Tueday so far this year today by releasing the all new Aperture 2. The price on the new version has dropped to $199, with the upgrade costing $99. Adobe’s competing product, called Lightroom, is currently at this price point, but the two have been dueling back and […]

Rumor: GearLive says ‘Flash’ is imminent

Wow – the rumor mill is just going all over the place this week. Now, the guys at Gear Live are reporting that Flash is on the way to the iPhone. Now, with as many rumors as we’ve been seeing this week its easy to dismiss them all, but like the price drop rumor from […]

Apple releases Leopard 10.5.2 – download it now

Apple has officially released Leopard 10.5.2 – you can read all about the update here. To update now, click on that little Apple in the upper left hand corner of your Mac, then select “Software Update…” and prepare to wait… Some highlights of what this releases fixes include: Updates Stacks with a List view option, […]