Google gets their mind blown by amount of iPhone searches

On Wed Google announced that they have seen 50 times the amount of searches from the iPhone over any other mobile device according to Apple Insider. The number was so staggering to them, in fact, that they had to double check the numbers to make sure they were accurate. This is one of those reports […]

What is it about Apple that inspires irrational speculation?

If its one thing that is constant in the “cult of mac” its irrational speculation. I have been guilty of it myself a time or two, and its a phenomenon that I have yet to fully understand. The simplest things can lead to unbelievably wild speculation about what Apple is (or probably isn’t) doing next. […]

Software Spotlight: Audiobook Builder

If you commute a lot and listen to audio books, then you really only have two options. or CDs. If you buy the books on CD, you may have tried to import an audio book into iTunes in the past – and while it is certainly doable, it’s a pain. You end up with […]

A few more thoughts on Apple TV “Take 2”

Last night I got a chance to spend a little more time with the AppleTV “Take 2”, and there are a few things I want to point out. 1. There is no “watch it after it expires” for rentals – We’ve talked in the past about how Apple had a loop hole in the rentals […]

Printable Apple Valentine’s Day Cards

It’s Valentine’s Day, and last night I was walking through a store looking at all the extremely sappy, and otherwise stupid Valentine’s Day cards – and an idea struck me – what if I made some extremely sappy or otherwise stupid Apple themed Valentine’s Day cards? I mean, come on, if you’ve waited till the […]

Rumor Poll: When will we see a 3G iPhone?

Let’s talk 3G for a minute. Speculation continues to run rampant, some saying that the 3G iPhone will make its debut along with the SDK at the end of Feb. Citibank has decided that its coming in less than 6 months based on the fact that “inventory is low” and “Europe wants it”. Even others, […]